Claudio PRC - From The Nebular Stars to The Mosses on The Granite Rocks

by TGP

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"From The Nebular Stars to The Mosses on The Granite Rocks" - music performance by Claudio PRC, originally performed at The Main Tropical Greenhouse of Botanical Gardens and Botanic Museum of Berlin on September 2015, in collaboration with Frantic Gallery, Japan, for the exhibition of Japanese artist Macoto Murayama - "Kosmos", inspired by the treatise of German scientist and explorer Alexander von Humboldt.

Following Murayama's approach which combines digital with organic, we invite electronic musician Claudio PRC to perform on the opening day of the show in the centre of the jungles, which were recreated in The Main Tropical Greenhouse of the Botanic Garden and Botanical Museum Berlin. Using a context of a visual art exhibition inside a natural history museum we would like to share his ideas on "Kosmos", thus extending the "harmonious whole" from image to sound. It is techno music of this artist that will let us reflect in another way Humboldt’s ideas of inseparable interplay of harmony and strictness: as Humboldt was saying "the stars as they sparkle in firmament fill us with delight and ecstasy, and yet they all move in orbit marked out with mathematical precision."

The structure of many of Claudio's electronic music sets - the journey he proposes to the listener - in large extend repeats the way Humboldt leads his readers into the "Kosmos". With ambient and endlessly expanding cosmic sounds Claudio PRC shoots into deep and infinite, free flow space making us first lose the grounds and get the distance, as well as the larger picture that surpasses the individual or a moment. Then, after we reach "the nebular stars", he leads us gradually back to "earth", connecting the universal with the local, uniting the echoing and running into shade of endlessness tones with hypnotic ethnic sounds of shaman's drums for instance. (refer to Claudio PRC Smoke Machine podcast for example). The journey continues with its pulsing and swirling energy, but the variety and development of rhythm and tones are strongly consistent and keeps organic coherence in its unstoppable growth, as if led by one universal principle hidden behind it. The endless variations of Claudio's audio - "Kosmos" are infinitely interconnected. The surface and multiplicity in this sonar Nature are united by virtue of their very diversity into the "one great whole...animated by the breath of life." Like the path of Humboldt's "Kosmos" the journey to the outer world in Claudio PRC's each music composition brings us to the subjective trip: through mind and spirit and yet undiscovered orders of it.

The title of the performance is the way Humboldt himself was describing his project and this ambition is recreated in the audio form we present now to you.

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released October 14, 2015

Written, produced, performed and mixed by Claudio Porceddu, Berlin 2015. Cover art by Macoto Murayama - "Sunflower", courtesy of Frantic Gallery.